Ducati Clubrace regulations 2017

Ducati Clubrace technical regulations 2017

OW regulations 2017

OW technical regulations 2017

Explanation regulations TT & F1 cup 2017

FIM Europe Supermono Cup regulations 2017

– Flags 2017

Demo regulations 2017

House regulations 2017

Pitbox regulations 2017

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The technical committee mandates:

– All motorcycles need to be provided with a red safety-backlight which should be turned on by rain. The offcials determine if the red safety-backlight has to be turned on prior to the race. The safety-backlight should be mounted in a matter that it is visible to all riders behind you. This can be checked during scrutineering.

– Brakelever-protector is this year compulsory for everyone
An exception to the above Classics, de Superbikes Revival, Euro Singles and Euro Classics.