Ladies Cup cancelled.


The Ducati Club Race Committee has decided to cancel the Ladies Cup  for 2017 race weekend.

Reason for the cancelation is the lack of registrations thus far and the  prospect that it would be very difficult to reach the number of participants from last year. So far only three woman registered for this year’s Ladies Cup.

The Ladies Cup was first introduced in 2015 with the aim giving woman in motorsports more exposure. In 2015 and in 2016, a lot of energy was put in the Ladies Cup, resulting in almost 20 participants in 2016. For this year, we started full of energy with the Ladies Cup. With help from inside and outside the committee we started lobbying to get a fair starting grid. However, this resulted in more cancellations than registrations. Therefore we decided to cancel the Ladies Cup. Delaying this decision would end up in disappointment  as we are not able to offer participants an alternative race for the weekend.

For 2018, we intend to incorporate the Ladies Cup again in the program.




Ladies Cup


The Ladies Cup was held for the first time in 2015 and again on the schedule for 2017.

It was unique in the history of the Ducati Club Races to organized a special race class just for ladies.

In 2015 we had, besides all the great efforts we made; only 14 ladies on the start grid with a motorcycle within the regulations, and that was also because some dealers and private owners donated a motorcycle. The start grid was relatively small, but the speed on track was really phenomenal.   .

In 2016 we have decided to open the Ladies Cup for all motorcycles. First of all to show everybody a great race and good competition and again to give these fast ladies the attention in the Media they deserve. This did indeed result to a larger starting grid and there was more competition. The ladies drove again very very fast.DCR 2015 (52)

This year we hope that the starting grid will be filled with even more ladies also to give it the status and attention it deserves, and we hope that we can inspire more ladies to race. Last year there was again lots of attention from the Media and a lot of visitors at the stands. This year we would like that to happen again.

For the fastest lady that does ride a motorcycle within the standard regulations we will hand out an extra prize to also keep the spirit of the Ducati Club Races high..

We strive to get a maximized starting grid. Therefore this appeal to all ladies, with a race license or ladies who have passed a license training successfully, to enrol. Did you let your license expire see CRT Holland.

BrittenWe of course prefer the use of a Ducati, 1, 2, or 3 cylinders from Europe or a 4 cylinder from Italy, but also this year all other brands are very welcome to. So you can also participate with a Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha, Kawasaki etc.

Ladies please sign in for this unique race class. Registration opens on the 13th of March at 20.00 hours.

Let’s make the Ladies Cup a huge success!!!_mg_6043-medium

Do you have any questions after reading this information?
Please contact Jeroen Ouwerkerk, mobile number 00 31 6 546 815 10 or by Email [email protected]

* Friday is a DCR related trackday and is optional.